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Jan Willem Jansen

At JW's kitchen Table live

Are you an entrepreneur, director, or manager seeking in-depth discussions on professional topics and the opportunity to build strategic relationships? Do you desire a fresh challenge in areas such as sales, people skills, and HR? Look no further than our exclusive series of six meetings, where you can recharge and grow alongside Larissa, esteemed guest speakers, and like-minded professionals.

 "Live at JW's Kitchen Table" goes beyond a simple deep dive into specific subjects and surpasses the usual networking gatherings. Prepare to be informed and inspired on topics relevant to entrepreneurs, directors, and managers.

With a maximum of 14 participants, each meeting features an expert speaker who introduces subjects like sales, delegation, HR, IT, finance, leadership, and logistics. Prior to the sessions, we gather participants' preferences through a survey, enabling Larissa to tailor the discussions accordingly. Our experts engage in stimulating conversations while Jan Willem adds his unique perspective, making each meeting truly memorable.

Throughout the year, you'll acquire valuable insights applicable to enhancing your own organization. Furthermore, you'll forge meaningful connections that extend well beyond the program's duration.


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