There is a practical approach that does not work theoretically

Jan Willem Jansen


Do you feel like you could do more at work? Are you looking for something that'll guarantee that you'll achieve more in your current position? Or are you looking for another position? Do you feel that leadership is often overcomplicated? This programme will show you what leadership really entails and how best to apply that knowledge. This programme is led by Jan Willem and Larissa. 


This programme is offering you a growth track if you (want to) have a leading role in your organisation or as an authority in your business field.

The group is limited to 10 participants. We assess every participant individually, to get a clear view of the cohesion of the group and possible topics that require attention. Spread over eighteen months, we'll have nine meetings. You can bring in cases you'd like to dig deeper into and we'll use them as case studies to talk about leadership.

 By the end of the programme, you know what suits you and you've got a clear vision for the coming years: are you stepping into a role that requires an attitude of leadership or are you literally taking on a manager position?

You know what leadership is and how you can apply it to achieve your goals.

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