Someone else's key won't fit your lock

Jan Willem Jansen


Jan Willem has had over 3,000 conversations with entrepreneurs, executives and managers - and he's opening up his experiences to others in these job positions. 

The group is limited to 10 participants. Everyone receives an assessment, so we can get to know you properly. We'll get together in nine meetings over a period of eighteen months, and each participant can bring a topic they'd like to dive into through peer discussions

Some examples:

   How do I find good employees and how do I keep them in my organisation?

    How do I lead in a way that fits me?

    How do I deal with the stress of my job?

    How am I most valuable to my people?

Jan Willem can also support you over the phone.

Through the stories of others, Mastermind is showing entrepreneurs and board members they're not alone with their questions, problems or doubts and uncertainties. By the end of the programme, you'll have concrete answers and solutions, straight from others in the field. Your own leadership will evolve.

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