Who Am I?

I can't teach anyone anything...

(at most I can help someone find the answer themselves)

Galileo Galilei

Often, the first question anyone asks when meeting Jan Willem is: "What exactly do you do?" He'll explain that he's a conversation partner and a guide for executives and entrepreneurs. And that his conversations focus on leadership, defining your self-image, making choices, being bold and managing conflict and communication. Yes, those are pretty big words to put in a single sentence. It may sound like he's some kind of magician who has the answer to every question. He isn't.

The truth is that he has experienced these topics himself. In a rather confronting manner. Jan Willem was 18 when he decided to become a chartered accountant. Ten years later, he got the opportunity to become a partner in an accounting firm, but he chose the open sea of entrepreneurship. Three years and five companies later, he had the opportunity to sell everything but he didn't. A year later, he had nothing left. He'd lost everything.

Everything? No, not everything

Jan Willem: "It may sound strange but in hindsight, I wouldn't have wanted to miss that experience. With the money I might have gained from selling those companies, I could never have become the person I am today. And I would also never have found the passion and meaning driving me today: helping others."


"I'm supporting executives facing the same questions as I once did. Entrepreneurs doubting whether business success is worth everything. I share my knowledge and experience with them in my books and via conversations, workshops and lectures."


You can't solve a problem...

(with the mindset that caused it)

Albert Einstein

Conversation partner and (conversation) leader

There are many possible answers if you're asking what Jan Willem does exactly. In fact, it varies from time to time. It differs from person to person and from group to group. Each conversation partner has different questions for him. By engaging in conversation, asking questions and exchanging experiences, the real problem comes into focus and the answers that are right for the situation emerge. "In fact, I learned that managers are generally very good at solving problems. This quickly provided me with the following premise: if they cannot solve the problem, there must be something wrong with the problem. It turns out that if a problem becomes clear, it's usually quickly solved," says Jan Willem.

With his knowledge of business and leadership and with his vision, Jan Willem can help people move forward. Indeed, he doesn't conform to the image of the typical coach or sparring partner. It's his original view of the world that makes all the difference. He puts this into practice for the benefit of others, as a discussion partner, a discussion leader at a business club, a speaker, a workshop leader and an author.

 What kind of topics does he tackle?

  • I have problems getting my message across
  • I can't find good personnel.
  • II'm short on time and I can't delegate sufficiently.
  • I have to succeed my father but I feel insecure about it.
  • I no longer get dissent in my job (lonely at the top).
  • My management team is not growing with me.
  • I just need someone to talk to once in a while.