You can lead a horse to water..

(but you can't force it to drink)

Jan Willem Jansen


So, you've taken the leap and become an entrepreneur. You're experiencing success and your business is thriving. It feels like everything is falling into place. But then, you hit a point where things start to stagnate. It could be with your business or within yourself.

As an entrepreneur, it's not just about business growth; personal growth matters too.

You face daily questions at work that require a personal touch. Questions about leadership, communication, succession planning in family businesses, selling a business, and navigating relationships and conflicts with shareholders.

During these moments, you're not just an entrepreneur – you're a human being. Someone who wants to find answers that make sense not only from a business perspective but also from a personal standpoint. Unfortunately, personal growth is often overlooked in the pursuit of business success. That's where Jan Willem comes in, helping entrepreneurs uncover that hidden side. What truly motivates you? What's holding you back? Why haven't you achieved your goals? And most importantly, what can be done about it?

Confronting your inner self

The answers to these questions can be surprising, even challenging. But they're invaluable. Getting to know yourself better enhances your effectiveness and efficiency in various situations.

 Jan Willem shares, "As an entrepreneur and having previously worked as an accountant and organizational consultant, I've faced similar issues. The most valuable thing that has happened to me is discovering myself. And I have no doubt that it'll be the same for you."

This is not for everyone. 

Given the overwhelming demand for Jan Willem's coaching and his desire to help as many people as possible, he has had to make the difficult decision to offer individual coaching exclusively to entrepreneurs and CEOs whom he personally selects. There’s only a limited number of spots available each year.

Want to know more?

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Feel free to reach out to Larissa, and she'll be more than happy to provide you with further information. She'll schedule an introductory meeting to determine if there's a suitable "match" between you and Jan Willem. If there is, you and Jan Willem can discuss the coaching process moving forward.