Opinions become facts...

(If you give authority to the person proclaiming them)

Jan Willem Jansen

Guiding entrepreneurs and giving presentations are two ways in which Jan Willem shares his vision and experiences. He has also written two books:  'Where I’m supposed to be' and 'Chess on a checkerboard'. Practical 'wisdom of life' from an entrepreneur. And therefore perhaps more valuable for you than the typical management book. Digging deeper. Lasting impressions, written in a style that entrepreneurs will recognise.

Where I’m supposed to be

Jan Willem: "This book is about the lessons I didn't learn at school. A real-life story about growing as an adult. How experiences can turn into lessons for the future. This book covers my journey from national accountant to successful entrepreneur ending up with burnout."

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Chess on a checkerboard

Being a professional conversation partner, a reflecting guide and a listening ear for entrepreneurs, executives and managers, Jan Willem has now conducted over 2,000 conversations. This book is about one question that came up most frequently during these conversations: how do I achieve my most important life goals? If you're convinced that you and only you are accountable for achieving your life goals, this book is probably for you. If you think someone else can do that for you, this book might be even more interesting for you.

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