Who am I?

Larissa Ignaçio.

The foundation....

(on which Jan Willem Jansen's house is built)

Jan Willem Jansen

Pleased to meet you. My name is Larissa Ignaçio

Jan Willem: "I wouldn't call myself a 'coach', as that doesn't even begin to cover what I do. Neither would Icall Larissa my 'personal assistant'. In my business, Larissa is the organiser and sometimes the communicator on my behalf. She organises and supervises meetings, schedules appointments and supports me in various activities. She is what I call an 'executive spouse'. She is the driving force of our family and alongside me in the business. Larissa is my foundation in everything."

Perhaps Larissa has contacted you before and you already know her. Of course, you may also contact her yourself to ask questions or make appointments.

You can reach her by phone at +31 6 48 50 50 17 or by email to larissa@janwillemjansen.com.

Others About Larissa

'"It's been a pleasure and a privilege to know Larissa for over 15 years. Her energy and passion are inspiring and motivating. She even motivates others to connect and network. She's driven by her enthusiasm, knowledge and understanding of the human species. In the past, she has brought me into contact with organisations and people vital to my work as a trainer and a researcher. She truly is the queen of networking; of connecting people."

Patrick van veen

Behavioural biologist, author, researcher Director owner Apemanagement® and Expert matchmaker at Married at First Sight

Are you are looking for a cool, calm, connection queen? If yes, look no further - Larissa is the person for you. Larissa has an open and infectious spirit that brings life to any networking event. Put 200 strangers in a room with Larissa and it won’t take long to have them all talking and making real connections. I recently experienced the “Queen of networking” effect for myself at a conference. Every person talking with Larissa felt like they had her full attention. And, more often than not, she knew exactly the right person to help solve particular problems. Conversations led to introductions which added value for everyone there. Events are more fun, and more valuable when Larissa is there.

Chris Fenning

Making communication less painful | Award-winning author | Paid speaker | University guest lecturer

' I recently attended a conference in Eindhoven where Larissa played a key role on the organising team. The conference was exceptionally well-organised. The attention to detail and constant communication on the part of the organising team paid off. The delegates enjoyed a professionally run event with a personal touch from the organising team.

Aletta Rochat

Second Vice President Toastmasters International/Public Speaker/ teaches ambitious executives  to build executive presence

"Larissa is a strong female force, always full of life and kind words, transparent and direct. She is a born networker who connects people and finds talents in unexpected places. She's got global connections with entrepreneurs, top speakers, thought leaders and influencers. She's the kind of person who gets a party going with a single sentence. It's a pleasure to work with her, as she's well-organised, detail-oriented and she only needs half a word to light the fire. If you get the chance to work with her, grab it with both hands.'


Quantum Master Trainer, Bestselling Author & Trainer: "Exponential growth in your business and life!" Breatharian