A Leader Sticks His Neck Out...

(a manager avoids nagging)

Jan Willem Jansen

As an entrepreneur, you often find yourself in a solo journey. Sure, you have employees and capable managers, but let's face it: it gets lonely at the top. Perhaps it's time for a fresh perspective, or maybe things aren't going as smoothly as they should. In such cases, Jan Willem can lend a hand as a fellow entrepreneur. "What I do as a coach or discussion leader, I also do on within companies: solving problems. Problems of all kinds. But more often than not, they boil down to one common factor: people. Motivating them, guiding them, helping them rediscover their purpose," says Jan Willem.


That's where his expertise lies. By fostering trust, structure, and strong relationships within companies, the employees, customers, and suppliers all benefit. With the knowledge he imparts, Jan Willem helps individuals unleash their full potential. Through his commitment, employees regain their sense of importance within the company. Achieving this can resolve various challenges faced by the organization.

Integrity, solution-oriented approach, human Touch

Jan Willem emphasizes, "These are my strengths: integrity, a solution-oriented mindset, and a human touch. When a decision is made, people need assurance that action will follow. And I don't overlook the human aspect in this process. Oftentimes, I step into companies where individuals are drifting aimlessly. Helping them rediscover their own interests within the company becomes their greatest motivation.

Acquiring Companies

Jan Willem doesn’t just assists companies in temporarily getting back on track. He remains an entrepreneur at heart. Jan Willem says, "If an opportunity presents itself, I'm open to participating in or taking over a company."

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