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Jan Willem Jansen

Good thing you're here.

You're an executive or an entrepreneur because of your ambition. Your drive to rise higher. To build a business. To develop yourself. This ambition can keep your motor running for a very long time. But sooner or later, your engine will start to sputter. It happens when you doubt yourself. Or when you feel your progress slowing down. This sounds very familiar to us, Jan Willem and Larissa. 

Over the course of thirty years, Jan Willem has faced nearly every obstacle an executive or an entrepreneur could possibly come by. Larissa has been supporting him through it all. This sparked the idea and the drive to work together to help others with similar questions. Jan Willem utilises his knowledge and experience to help you move forward. Larissa facilitates this project and she supervises workshops and meetings. 

Good thing you're here. Take a look around and find out how to get back on track realising your ambitions with our support.


Jan Willem shares his vision and experiences in many ways, including his two books:

 'Where I’m supposed to be' and 'Chess on a Checkerboard'.


Meet Jan Willem and Larissa in person at the following events. We're starting this autumn!

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Book Reviews & About Jan Willem

"Jan-Willem  has the ability to get to the heart of an issue with just a few well-targeted questions. His open, non-judgemental style in conversations is probably the reason he identifies problems more easily and gets closer to the essence of problems.
The rich experiences in his professional and personal life are obviously an important benefit in coaching others to put problems into perspective and turn them into positive assets."

peter van wouwe

CFO Lamb Weston Meyer

JYour book offers a helping hand to those who don't see clearly why things are the way they are. And why communication can feel so awkward. You also explain how and why we should pay more attention to non-verbal communication; someone can say they totally agree with your idea, while their body language is telling something very different. "

désirée lapré - 

Talent Recruiter a.i. @Stedin én @Scotch Whisky Investments

"I got to know Jan Willem as a person of great integrity, empathy and perceptiveness. Besides being a 'really' good listener, he has the ability to free up the space in your head in a couple of hours to the extent that you see possibilities and solutions that didn't seem to be there at first. In doing so, he is confrontational and to the point, but he always manages to respect the balance between business interests and private issues."

jeroen bergen

Managing Partner Primatch HR Groep & Founder TOOL2MATCH | Solutions in Recruitment

'"Jan Willem is unique in his profession. None of the people in my network can even approach Jan Willem in his league. Exceptionally competent, extremely intelligent and from time to time very confrontational. Oh boy, what a privilege to exchange views with him. In addition, Jan Willem is a highly valued board member of the Inje Jua Kali Mosocho Foundation, where he teaches us all a lesson in relativism (especially me). A beautiful person; a great friend!"

Jérôme Populiers

People manager

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